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This package includes completion of the anticipated name search, completion of the online business filing application, retrieval of the business certificate, retrieval of the Articles of Incorporation (DOES NOT INCLUDE THE STATE FILING FEE )

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This package is an all inclusive service that include your business name search, completion of online filing business application, retrieval of business certificate, retrieval of the Articles of Incorporation, (FL) state filing fee, retrieval of EIN, Business Corportate Book). This package does not include ancillary products.

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Our Personal Consultancy services include dedicated scheduled time alloted for the completion of specific tasks for the client. The time allotment is determined by the client as services are completed on or before the contacted time.

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If it is a business, finance, or marketing service, Epicss is able to accommodate your needs. We believe in the convenience of a holistic solution. Our Professional Partners are committed to providing the same high level solutions as Epicss is committed to.

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